De La Salle University asserts its position as the forerunner among the country's top higher educational institutions through its Wireless Information Services (DLSU WISe) which was developed by DLSU's Information Technology Center (ITC). It delivers University-related information to its students, faculty, and alumni through the use of cellular phones' Short Messaging System (SMS) popularly known as text messaging, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) like Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs. DLSU is the first University in the country to use this technology to disseminate information alongside print media and the Internet.

This all started with a simple idea of making information available to DLSU's customers through maximizing the potential of wireless devices such as cellular phones and personal digital assistants. ITC realized that the technology was existing but there were no existing applications that utilized it. Seeing that many people use these devices, especially cellular phones, ITC developed its own system to facilitate the information in its database to be read selectively and be sent to a user's cellular phone through Short Messaging System (SMS). Personal digital assistants' users can read about campus news through the Mobile Edition of the DLSU Newsletter.

Launched in September, 2000, DLSU WISe initially pushed information through cellular phones' SMS feature since it was widely-used. The use of Personal Digital Assistants as DLSU WISe device commenced in January 2001. WAP-enabled phones will gain the DLSU WISe experience in the near future as this new cellular phone technology evolves.

Are you wondering if you got your final exam schedule right? Are classes going to be suspended? Need to get updated on the Archers' UAAP games? Will there be a concert in campus this University break? Get your cell phones and PDAs and do it the WISe way!


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  • Wireless-G Router (product image)
  • Wireless AP Router w/4 port Switch (product image)
  • Wireless Notebook Adapter (product image)

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