Short Messaging System

Short Messaging System or Short Message Service (SMS) is a service for sending messages to mobile phones that use Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication. SMS is similar to "paging". However, SMS messages do not require the mobile phone to be active and within range as they are stored for a number of days until the phone is activated.

SMS messages are transmitted within the same cell or to anyone with roaming service capability. They can also be sent to digital phones from a web site equipped with PC Link or from one digital phone to another.

At DLSU, Short Messaging System (SMS) is a convenient way to communicate using standard cellphones or any personal digital assistant (PDA) devices. Students may check class schedules, class suspensions, UAAP updates and more information through their own cellphones using the phone number and corresponding keyword for the information required. This service is open to all Smart and Globe subscribers.

Guidelines and Procedures

To access DLSU WISe using your SMS-capable cellular phones, you need to be a Globe Telecom or Smart pre-paid or post-paid line subscriber. Making the service available to other cellular phone service providers is still in the works. To get the information you need, type the necessary keywords and/or parameters and then send the message to phone numbers 2333 (for Globe subscribers) and 211 (for Smart subscribers).

For example, to find out if classes have been suspended, just text in the keywords:


and send it to cell phone numbers 2333 (Globe) or 211 (Smart). In a few seconds, you will a receive a message on your cell phone similar to this:

Undergraduate classes for October 23, 2000 have been suspended as of 1650h. *End of Query*

Another way to use this service is to check for the availability of subjects during enrollment.

Type the keyword DLSU SUBJ and the subject code and you will find out all the available sections and the number of students enrolled per section. To get detailed information about a specific section just include the section after the subject code. Example:


Receive: BUSORGA C31 #44; C32 #44; A51 #41; As of 1421h 10/05/2000 *End of Query*


Receive: BUSORGA A51 #41; MWF 1030-1130h, Rm M415. As of 1414h 10/05/2000 *End of Query*

Click here to view the keywords and their descriptions.