Network Connection

Direct Wired Connection - There are several network access ports at St. La Salle Hall (Conservatory & Medrano Hall), Yuchengco Hall, University Library, Gokongwei Hall (Lobby), Science and Technology Research Center (STRC), and RCBC Plaza Yuchengco Institute of Advanced Studies. You need a computer with a Ethernet RJ45 network port, a cable, and an operating system with proper network configuration.

Wireless Connection - There are several wireless access points at the DLSU campus grounds. You need a computer with a wireless network card, and an operating system (OS) with proper network configuration. You can borrow a PCMCIA or USB wireless network card from the University Library.

To maximize the potential of wireless devices, DLSU developed the facility to access University-related information through the DLSU Wireless Information Services (WISe) by using a cellular phone's Short Messaging System (SMS, popularly known as text messaging), and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) like Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs.

Dial-up Connection - Enrolled students and full-time faculty members can connect to the Internet and surf the Web free of charge by using their My.LaSalle Portal (MLS) account through the dial-up connection.

PC-based Video Conferencing - In addition, ITC also provided the University Library with PC cameras that could provide PC-based video conferencing to the campus. This tool is good for video conferencing between small groups of 1 to 4 people, or maybe 5 if they can all squeeze in. The PC cameras are a much cheaper alternative. These are stationed at the EDRC and Ortigas Room of the Library. Smaller versions of the video conferencing facility is also available at M306 PHINMA E-Classroom.